The history of our company is that of a land handed down over the centuries and passed on from generation to generation to my great grandfather. I’m Costanza, owner, administrator and dedicated curator of Magamila for more than twenty years. An ancient map of Magamila or Magamele (historical sources suggest that the original name was this) indicates that the land was originally dedicated to the cultivation of wheat and vineyards.

Today, the Magamila farm works with the mission of enhancing this land by making use the resources that nature and territory offer us, bringing together innovation, sustainability and a respect for the environment. Therefore, the strictly organic cultivation of olive groves, almond trees and wheat makes use of an irrigation system with reduced energy impact that uses the waters of the Baronessa river through a filtering and gravity system, quenching the thirst of the fields during the months of drought.


During these months we make sure our olive trees are trimmed and cleaned up.


As the days begin to warm, we gather the organic Sulla that was planted previously and re-place it into the soil to give it more nutrients.


Almost ready for harvesting season, we irrigate all the plants, using a minimal energy irrigation system that works with gravity.


After a year of hard work, it is time to finally harvest the olives. The olives are then brought to the mill for a natural cold pressed process that ensures the highest quality oil.

Soon after the oil is ready for the table

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