Magamila is devoted to organic agriculture, understood not only as the cultivation of products without chemical fertilizers but as a philosophy for the defense of the environment and the territory. Its mission, in a long-term perspective, is to help safeguard the future of the next generations and to transmit them the values ​​of well-being in harmony with nature. In the land of Magamila olive groves, almond trees and cereals are cultivated with a strictly organic method on a total extension of 120 hectares. To nourish our soil and enrich it with organic substance, we planted the sulla. Sulla flowers allow to increase soil fertility through the specific properties they have.  In addition, they are able to colonize clayey and heavy soils and to settle in all types of substrates that tend to preserve and fertilize. The fields use a modern irrigation system fully integrated with the naturalistic landscape and with low energy impact. The water of the river that flows through the land of Magamila is filtered and conveyed into a tank, from which a gravity irrigation system is triggered.


What makes Magamila olive oil special