Magamila olive oil production 2019 has been submitted to strict tests, because we want to be sure that each year we provide a high quality product to our customers and promise ourselves to do better year after year.

The chemical analysis highlight the polyphenols, the peroxides and the acidity.

The polyphenols are a beneficial compound contained in the olives, these have many health benefits including antioxidant properties. To give you an idea an olive oil of the highest quality contains about 200 mg of polyphenols per kg, Magamila olive oil contains 463 mg of polyphenols per kg, which is considered an outstanding result, making our olive oil very healthy.

The acidity result was also excellent, the analysis of Magamila olive oil showed a low acidity. To give you an example an extra virgin olive oil should not have more than 0.8 gr of acidity per 100 gr, whilst Magamila olive oil contained 0.2 gr of acidity per 100 gr.

The peroxides are also an important indicator of the quality of the olive oil as they measure the oxidation of the product so the lower the better, the accepted value for an extra virgin is 20 meq/kg whilst Magamila olive oil had 4,8 meq/kg, almost five times less.

We are also very proud of the sensory test results, carried out by a group of expert testers who evaluate the olive oil via three categories: taste, color and smell. Magamila has, in turn, been described as an olive oil where the bitter, sower and fruity levels are very well balanced, resulting in an optimal taste.

The SUOLO E SALUTE document is the certificate in support that our olives are organic, like everything we cultivate in our countryside.We work respecting our ecosystem, including our lovely sheep that graze in our fields.