400g of Gluten-free pasta

1L home made bechamel sauce

30ml of Magamila olive oil

800g of frozen peas

100g of grated parmesan

4 tsp salt

100g breadcrumbs


Prepare the bechamel sauce and put it aside. Place in a pan the peas with some water, salt, olive oil and half onion. When the peas are well cooked and have soaked all the water, put them aside. In a pot put water with abundant salt place the pasta once it starts to boil. Make sure to cook it for half of the time written in the package as it will cook more in the oven later. Drain the pasta and add the bechamel, the peas and the parmesan and mix all together. Take a tray and put some olive oil and bread crumbs  on it, then pour in the pasta and to make a good crust sprinkle a layer of bread crumbs and parmesan. Place in the oven for 20 minutes.