Award Winning Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Blend & Cultivar

Magamila is an organic extra virgin olive oil obtained from a blend of three local cultivars: Nocellara Etnea, Biancolilla and Cerasuola. The olive oil is characterised by a fruity smell and offers a balanced taste with a slight hint of bitterness and black peppercorn.

Magamila is located in the centre of Sicily and sits amongst beautiful rolling hills. The history of Magamila traces back to more than 100 years ago when my grandfather inherited the land from his father. With family, history, and food being the staple of Sicilian culture, Magamila is a window into this life that I have the mission to share.

Costanza Scelfo

Not just food.

Join us for a walk around the green fields of the Magamila farm amongst the rolling hills and grazing sheep. Best of all, get a chance to meet the family and people behind Magamila and experience a taste of Sicilian culture.

“I have been using Magamila Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 6 years and highly recommend it. It is my go to oil for cooking, using it in dressings and even frying! Its flavour is delicate with a beautiful rich green colour that warms my soul when I’m using it. Sicily at its best!” 


Rigorous testing is an essential part of the process to make sure our organic extra virgin Magamila olive oil is of exceptional quality

The tests look at the value and content of different key compounds and nutrients in the olives. Magamila olive oil has a significantly high number of polyphenols (463mg/kg) and very low acidity (0.2%), proving its superior quality.

It contains 86% of good fats such as Omega3 and Omega6, useful to reduce cholesterol and maintaining a healthy heart and brain.

The Suolo e Salute organization certifies that our olives are organic and cultivated organically.

Our Mission

Magamila works to enhance its land by making use of its natural resources bringing together innovation, sustainability, and respect for its environment.


We make use of an irrigation system with low energy impact, irrigating our plants by gravity. The rain water is collected in a pool on the highest point of Magamila and used to nurture the plants below.


We nurture our land solely through organic products and the plants themselves by making use of their incredible properties and their natural microorganisms.


We want to build a safer future, therefore we place the upmost importance on the process of our oil and its packaging, avoiding the use of any plastic.

A passion for a tranquil land, in the heart of Sicily, where time is dictated by the fruits of our enchanting nature” 

Costanza Scelfo

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